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Director (Micro-finance) (This job is closed!)


Directs and supervises the activities of staff
Provides guidance for workers as needed and approves training opportunities
Implements company policies
Delegates duties among staff members
Maintains budgets for managed entity as well as the individual projects it takes on
Monitors costs against budget
Makes key decisions for managed entity
Researches and analyses industry, market, and competitors to make informed strategy decisions
Creates initiatives to take advantage of market opportunities, reduce operational threats, forestall business risks, and maximises core strengths
Identifies core competencies and defines operational goals
Liaisons with Board of Directors to make sure all efforts are in alignment

General requirement

- Leadership abilities, Organisational skills, Analytical skills, Critical thinking abilities, Project management, Productivity management, Business development, Strategic thinking
- Management experience is a requirement
- Bachelor's degree required, Master's degree in business administration often preferred
- Who used to be in this position
- Who used to or currently working in the finance sector as Manager and above level.
- This position will be the top position in Finance. The person will run the business.
- Both male and female.

Language requirement

English (Advance)




Working location


Working hours

Monday to Friday (8:00 to 6:00)
Saturday (8:00 to 12:00)

Company profile

Business field


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Aye Sandar