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HR & Admin Manager (This job is closed!)


- To perform all related HR Fields
- To perform management of attendance information,Employee management
- To perform Payroll/Tax/SSB Control & Contribution
- To perform Recruiting
- To perform HR Rules & Regulations Management
- To perform the job description related with the admin fields
- To perform lease management
- Office equipment management
**Warehouse, Office, Company cars, etc..
Managing contract information
VISA, Hotel, car arrangements

General requirement

Gender N/A
Can speak English (Intermediate)
Age: 30-40 years old
Have working experience as HR Manager or HR Executive at Foreign-affiliated companies

Language requirement

English (Intermediate)


Ferry & Lunch are provided.


800 - 1,000 USD (GROSS)

Working location


Working hours

Mon~Fri (8:00AM-4:30PM)

Company profile

Business field


 Contact person



094 4883 8953