Privacy Statement

G.A. CONSULTANTS MYANMAR CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Company) is always committed to safeguarding personal information user of website. The followings are provisions set up for management of your personal information in a close manner. 

Personal Information
Personal information is information relating to an individual comprising: full name, date of birth, email address, place of work, and other specific characteristics of an individual. Personal information of each individual has specific and particular factors that cannot wrongly identify any other individuals.

Usage Purpose of Personal Information
Purpose and scope of personal information usage are as follows, but not limited to: (a) to provide services to user of website, (b) to provide personal information to a third party with the consent of user, (c) to contact with user for confirmation or for more information.

Personal Information Not Provided
In case where user does not provide or fully provide all necessary information in the declaration and service of website, that user will not be able to receive supporting services from website.

Disclosure of Personal Information to a Third Party
In principle, without the consent of user, personal information of user will not be disclosed to a third party. Personal information is only disclosed after determining whom the information will be disclosed to, details of required information, and user’s consent is absolutely necessary. However, without breaching the laws, personal information will be disclosed without user’s consent as specified in the following cases: (a) user is doubted for having actions badly affecting a third party, (b) in special and urgent cases for the purpose of promoting children’s education and protecting environment, but it is hard to get user’s consent, (c) in case the representative of competent authorities requests for cooperation as regulated by the laws, and if waiting for user’s consent may badly affects the job of the representative under his/her duty, (d) competent authorities such as Court, Investigation Bureau, Police Department, Bar Association, or Consumer Service Center request for personal information, (e) in case it is requested by the user to disclose his/her personal information to a third party, (f) in case the recruiter finds it necessary for providing services to user.

Scope of Third Party
The following cases are not considered to be a third party in using personal information: (a) personal information is partly or wholly authorized to be used within the necessary scope in order to accomplish the usage purpose of the Company, (b) disclosure of personal information for the interests of the Company and for joint venture of the Company.

Non-Responsibility for a Third Party’s Misuse
In the following cases, the Company does not take its responsibility when a third party secures personal information: (a) user uses functions of website or uses any methods to provide personal information to other companies, (b) user unintentionally discloses his/her personal information by inputting information on, (c) user discloses his/her personal information to other websites linked from, (d) user himself/herself discloses his/her ID and Password.

Management and Provision of Personal Information
Personal information of user of website is managed and provided to recruiters with the user’s consent.The Company always does its best to adopt appropriate security policy to prevent the change, misunderstanding, or loss of personal information under the Company’s management. Personal information is always stored and protected in a secure manner that a normal user cannot access.

Authorization to an External Party for Processing of Personal Information
Sometimes, the Company will authorize partly or wholly to an external party for the use of personal information.

Modification of Personal Information
After inputting personal information to website, user can modify, add, or delete any information at any time.

Accuracy of Personal Information
The Company always does its best in processing personal information so that it is provided accurately. However, user is also responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date personal information.

Restrictions in Collecting Personal Information
The Company does not need to collect information as described below. However, if user provides this information, it is considered that user agrees to do so.

(a)   Information relating to religion, belief, and thought.
(b)   Elements constituting the cause of discrimination in society and people, ethnics, badly affecting spirit, or violating the law.
(c)   Matters relating to behaviors and organization of unions, trade unions, labor organizations.
(d)   Matters relating to group demonstration activities, politically expressing aspirations and interests.
(e)   Matters relating to sex, health, and health protection.

Usage of Statistic Data
The Company will base on personal information provided to generate statistic data without disclosure of individual personal information. The Company can freely use these statistic data that is not individually oriented.

Personal Identification
The Company identifies an individual through personal characteristics (such as full name, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number...) in case it is requested to modify, add or delete information. In case user himself/herself modifies this personal information, the Company shall not take any responsibilities for it.

Cookies Usage website uses cookies to collect statistic data, to promote utilities and user personal information protection. However, cookies do not store all personal information.

Modification of Privacy Policy
The Company can modify the Privacy Policy at any time.However, before any official modification of the Privacy Policy, a one month’s notice will be posted so that all users can fully and clearly understand the modification.

Persons Responsible for Managing Personal Information
Director Takehiko Seki of G.A. Consultants Co., Ltd. shall be responsible for managing personal information of users of website.

Consultancy on Personal Information Management
Any queries about personal information management please email to: